Whiff Magnum Vape Review

The Whiff Magnum is a pod based vape system that is a favorite among many vapers. It offers a great amount of convenience, and you can choose from fifteen different flavors to customize your experience. You also have the option of purchasing pre-filled e-liquid, or choosing a disposable pod system.

15 flavor options

If you’re into big puffs, you’ll definitely like the new Whiff Magnum. While the name is a mouthful, the ecig itself is actually quite small and a breeze to carry. Despite its diminutive size, you’ll get more than enough nicotine hits for your buck. The best part is that you can carry it anywhere.

Unlike the big kahuna, you don’t need to wait for the battery to charge. This is thanks to a 1500mAh sized battery. On top of that, you get a whopping ten milliliters of juice. As a result, you’ll be able to savor every last bit of flavor without having to worry about a full tank of e-liquid.

Pre-filled e-liquid

Pre-filled whiff magnum e-liquid has a lot of fanfare to it but the company has been producing high quality, high nicotine content e-cigs for quite some time. With a whopping ten million e-cigs in the pipeline, the company has been able to nab a fair share of the action. In addition to the company’s signature high nicotine content offerings, a host of reputable brands are lining up for the throne. Some of the names include the likes of Blue Ribbon, Blue Ribbon X, Blue Ribbon XXXX, Blue Ribbon XXXX, and XXXXX. You’d be hard pressed to name a single one of them as the number one in your e-cig rotation.


If you have a taste for big puffs, then you might want to try a Whiff Magnum disposable pod. This device delivers a smooth and flavorful vaping experience. It also comes in many different flavors to suit your preference.

The Whiff magnum portable e-cigarette has an innovative design that is easy to use and carry around. You can get it in 15 unique flavors, and it offers a powerful draw and a hefty amount of vapor.

Designed by Scott Storch, the Magnum e-cigarette is small but has a big punch. It can deliver up to 3000 puffs with a battery that is large enough to power a 10ml e-liquid pod.

Disposable pod system

If you are in the market for a vape stick, be sure to check out this nifty gadget. The Whiff ZERO disposable vape is a high-tech, low-key way to get your daily fix of vapor. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket and powerful enough to rival your favorite vape pen. Powered by a 1000mAh internal battery, it’s also a breeze to carry around. You’ll also be happy to know that it is ready to vape right out of the box. Among other features, the device boasts an impressive 10ml juice capacity and a hefty 1500mAh battery that will provide you with enough vapor for approximately 3000 puffs.


Whiff Magnum is a popular e-cigarette on the market today. This device is small and portable, making it easy to carry around. It also offers a variety of different flavors.

Counterfeit Whiffs are becoming increasingly common. The counterfeit goods are sold on the Internet, which pose a health and safety risk. They also cost American jobs and harm the economy.

However, it is important to note that the packaging of the new Whiff magnum might still be the older version. Newer packs will come with a verification sticker, so you can be sure that the product you are purchasing is genuine.

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About Scott Storch

The Scott Storch and whiff Magnum are two things that are hard to beat, especially when they are made by the same guy. Designed by a team of vape industry experts, the device boasts a number of enticing features, including a 900mAh battery, a big 650mm x 270mm x 190mm screen, and an e-liquid pod that is pre-filled with a smooth-tasting e-liquid.

It’s no secret that Scott Storch is a music enthusiast, entrepreneur, and former professional musician. With a long resume of credits, including working with artists such as Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake, the man behind the label is a true performer. During his career, he helped form the hip hop group The Roots, as well as launching his own music production company. Now, he’s looking to reinvent his musical legacy with an album due out next year.