Types of Custom Airbrushing

Custom airbrushing is a unique form of art where paints are applied directly to the surface. It can be used for a variety of different purposes, from graffiti to painting shirts and hats.

The technique can vary widely depending on the type of airbrush being used (single-action or dual/double-action). It requires precise manipulation of the medium, pressure, and distance from the surface being sprayed.

Side Feed Airbrush Feeds

Side Feed Airbrushes are a versatile type of custom airbrush that have paint cups positioned to the side of the airbrush. This makes it easy to use different size cups and even bottles. It also allows more visibility to the work surface which is great for extra fine detail painting.

Iwata models have a range of nozzles and cup sizes so that you can match the airbrush to your application. Larger gravity cups with secure lids are perfect for painting 3D objects and for extended airbrushing sessions over larger areas of paint.

These airbrushes are also very easy to clean, as the cups can usually be easily swapped around. This makes it easy to change colours quickly without needing to take the airbrush apart for cleaning.

Pistol Grip Airbrush Feeds

A pistol grip airbrush looks more like a spray gun than an aerosol can, with the trigger opening up a valve that first releases air and then paint. This type of airbrush is usually more ergonomically comfortable than other types and helps to reduce hand strain from long painting sessions.

Featuring a super-fine 5-micron filter that collects and evacuates moisture buildup, this airbrush is designed to deliver clean, dry air for maximum performance. The pistol grip is also ergonomically balanced, which makes for easy, level spraying.

The Sparmax GP series of side feed pistol grip airbrushes are ideal for general purpose art and craft, hobby or modelling applications. The GP35 and GP50 have 7cc and 15cc color cups, while the GP70 comes with a siphon-feed 80cc bottle. They are all double action, and feature a colour flow pre-set.

Airbrush Units with Variable Air Control

Custom airbrushing is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your miniatures and models. It also lets you create fine details and zenithal shading without using brushstrokes.

However, you need to choose an airbrush unit that suits your skill level and painting requirements. A good airbrush compressor is the key to getting the most out of your unit & you need something that offers a range of pressures suited to the type of paint you use & how often you spray.

Variable air control is a must for any serious airbrush painter as it allows you to vary the pressure at which the paint is sprayed and prevents speckling if the air pressure is too low or spider-webbing if the air pressure is too high. This is especially important if you are trying to make paint that is as opaque as possible.

Airbrush Units with a Hopper

Using an airbrush is a great way to create custom designs on your workpieces. It can take a bit of practice to get used to it, but once you’ve developed your skills the results can be impressive.

There are a few different types of airbrushes available on the market today. They are all made up of paint, air and a trigger mechanism that controls the flow of the paint and the airflow.

The airbrushes can be based on one of three feed configurations: gravity, side or siphon fed. Gravity feeds feature a paint cup at the top of the airbrush where paint is poured, while side and siphon fed air-brushes have bottles or cups connected to the bottom of the air-brush with a tube running through.

Airbrushes can also be purchased with a hopper that will hold a larger amount of paint for you to spray over your workpieces. This is a great option for spraying large workpieces as it will save you from constantly having to refill the paint supply.